Supporting The Witham

In addition to striving to increase our income through commercial activities, as a registered charity, The Witham also relies on support through grants from organisations, the generosity of the public, and – increasingly – on corporate sponsorship.

Through using corporate and social responsibility or marketing budgets to support The Witham, businesses are able to benefit the local community by adding value to events and day-to-day operations.

Opportunities for supporting The Witham include:

  • underwriting the cost of a one-off event or series of events
  • donating capital towards our core costs
  • Purchasing specific equipment on our behalf
  • committing to regular advertising in our programme
  • reducing the cost of a particular event so that specific audiences can attend something that they could not otherwise afford.


The Trustees and Staff gratefully acknowledge sponsorship by the following organisations:

  • For a financial contribution, practical help and for supplying aprons for our café team. We look forward to hosting all S&A Builders Merchants and S&A Fabrications management and staff at an event in The Witham later this year.

  • For a significant sponsorship donation and offers of practical help, we look forward to welcoming GSK employees at events later this year.

Local Supporters

Our thanks go to the following organisations for their generosity and support during 2019:

  • NFU Mutual

    for sponsoring the variety night, Sunday Night at The Witham on Sunday 14 April 2019.

  • CA Group

    for providing funds to purchase a new desktop computer set-up for our Programming and Marketing Manager.


  • With support from Arts Council England over the past year we have been able to help build a sustainable business.

  • The 2018 contribution to The Witham along with the funds raised in the public Investing in The Witham campaign meant that The Witham was able to continue its operation and start the process of recovery.

  • Without a significant grant from Digital Durham, the creation of a new website would not have been possible.

    For a very generous award which is being used to fund provision of a wider range of community and cultural events so that we can broaden our audiences.