How to donate

The Witham is a registered charity. Although we strive to be ever more commercial in the way we operate our café, retail space and room hiring, and we do our utmost to generate income from gigs and workshops, it is unlikely that we would ever be able to raise enough self-generated income to meet our costs. We constantly need to seek financial support from trusts and charities. The Arts Council, and Durham County Council have been generous funders but it is increasingly difficult to find funding to cover core costs. Can you help?

Could you consider a regular donation? A one-off donation, or even a very small regular standing order would make a huge difference by taking the strain off the £100,000 we need to find year-on-year.

To give an example or two of how you can make a difference:

  • £5 a month for a year would pay for an hour’s workshop that we could sell to participants.
  • £10 a month for a year would cover the licence fee we have to pay every time we show a film.
  • £20 a month for a year would allow us to offer a supported place for one child from a low-income family in Turrets Youth Theatre.
  • £25 a month for a year would pay for the lighting and sound technical support we would need to put on a show for the night.

Perhaps you could join that generous group of people who are already making a difference to The Witham by means of a monthly donation? Simply complete this form and pass it on to your bank. If you donate and are also a UK tax payer please complete this Gift Aid form since your permission will allow us to claim 25% extra tax back on any donations you make. Higher rate tax payers are able to offset donations through their annual tax return.