‘We need to talk about landscape’ – an exhibition of five Northern Landscape Artists

30 Jan 2024 - 24 Feb 2024

Landscape, we live in it, work in it and relax in it but how do we see it?  A high proportion of people in the North make their living from the landscape through tourism, farming, forestry and all the associated retail and services that go with them.  But what do we think about the landscape?  Do we want the views preserved as they were when Turner first visited in 1797? Or do we want the land developed to create more employment and wealth through food production, construction, quarrying or energy production?  The five artists in this exhibition all see and respond to the Northern landscape very differently. This exhibition aims to make the audience look again at the landscape around them in order to start a discussion about these complex issues.

Artists: Jill Campbell, Richard Grey, Jo York, Susan Dugdale, Keith Alexander