Naturally Northern – Exhibition of Ceramics by Carol Metcalfe and Paintings by Donna Slyfield

2 Apr 2024 - 27 Apr 2024

Carol Metcalfe
Using a range of stoneware clays, Carol captures the essence of the North Yorkshire countryside, by means of texture, coloured slips and ochre, overlaid with layers of her own plant ash glazes. From leaves to landscapes, this process leads to rich and complex surfaces, which continue to engage and fascinate the viewer. 

Donna Slyfield
Contemporary Fine Artist Donna’s paintings emerge from a sensual connection to the natural environment. Developing into an impressionistic style, she seeks out those elements within the landscape that keep her entranced, it’s an ever-changing story.

She describes her process as responsive and intuitive, being in the moment and enjoys the emotional connection felt by those who see her work.