Tonya Mitchell – A World Worth Preserving

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The title of this exhibition is simple for Tonya, as she says ‘My work has always been about the world we live in, our connection to the land beneath our feet, the power of water running through our rivers and the buildings we have lived with for generations. Now more than ever before we need to be aware of the gift of our world. My art celebrates our landscapes and I hope it encourages us to treasure what we have inherited and pass it on to future generations.’

Tonya Mitchell signs off as Mit. There are two reasons for this: the first, it was her timetable code when she was a teacher of literature; the second, it allows an emphasis of the ‘t’ at the end turning it into a cross to represent her faith in Jesus.

Tonya has now been painting full time apart from charity work she does at The Well in West Auckland, where she lives. She sees her art as a ministry more than a business but does need it to support itself, through sales at places like The Witham. She is thrilled to be at the Witham in August when many holiday visitors come through allowing her to reach new audiences, along with connecting back with her Teesdale supporters.

There are old and new paintings to see, pop in and enjoy.

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