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The Monocle  – a newly created piece by Rendez-Vous Dance is inspired by the secretly notorious 1930s Parisian lesbian club Le Monocle.

The Monocle will be performed by six outstanding dancers. Conceived as a fun night out, The Monocle will re-shape traditional theatre settings into a club where audiences can participate in a highly virtuosic evening mixing dance and live music.

Have fun dressing up for the occasion and don’t forget your monocle!

Be our guest at The Monocle! In here the air is thick, warm and wavy with secrets and sensuality. Women laugh loudly, drink the night away and dance in each other’s arms.

“What a triumph your show is.”
“The choreography is so complex and expressive and beautiful.”
“The show is a masterpiece.”
“We can’t wait to see more of your work and your fantastic and super talented dancers.”
“The show delighted us, excited our sleeping creative brains.” Audience reviews

A Made In The North East (MITNE) commission, Mathieu Geffré was awarded this prestigious commission by a consortium of nine north east venues (including The Witham), who are working together on a three-year strategic dance audience development project led by Dance City and made possible with funding from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. The project aims for the partners to develop a better understanding and commitment to programming dance performances in the region. The original commission was added to by a National Lottery grant through Arts Council England.

Rendez-Vous Dance is led by award-winning choreographer Mathieu Geffré, who established the company following a fifteen-year career as a performer. Rendez-Vous Dance creates projects to tell past and present stories of LGBTQIA+ communities.

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