The Millennium Seed Bank: Providing Options for the Future

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The UK has a well-studied native flora and a clearly defined commitment to halt the loss of its biodiversity.  As part of that commitment, the Millennium Seed Bank has secured seed collections from the majority of our native species, but we now need to capture diversity between wild populations.

Why is seed banking relevant?  Jenny Peach will outline the work of the UK Threatened Flora Project and Steph Miles will describe how the Millennium Seed Bank’s seed collections and germination expertise are used to support conservation and research projects in the UK.

Kew’s global seed banking network, the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership, is the largest ex-situ plant conservation programme in the world. The Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst in West Sussex is also the national facility for storage of seeds from wild plants for the purposes of long-term conservation and use.

Teesdale Special Flora Trust are thrilled to present the fifth in our successful series of talks delivered through our Plants on the Edge Project which is made possible through funding from the Green Recovery Challenge fund and the support of the Upper Teesdale Botany Group volunteers.

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