Tai Chi Quigong – Advancing Classes

Ticket price

£82.50 for 11 weeks


Quigong is a gentle Chinese exercise system designed to promote the flow of natural energy in and bring the body into natural balance.  The system uses 18 simple gentle and easy to learn movements that strengthen and articulate all parts of the body which can be performed by people of any age and fitness level. Along with the movements, Quigong incorporates controlled breathing and meditation.  With an increasingly demanding and busy lifestyle people are turning to meditation as a remedy for stress and to learn inner peace.  Many people who practice meditation regularly find a huge range of benefits including: enjoying life more, sleeping better, being able to cope better with stress and being happier in themselves.

The classes are open to anyone of any age and no fitness level is required as the exercises are very gentle and can be modified to suit people of all abilities.

Term starts 11 January for 11 weeks. There is no class on Thursday 22 February. There is a combined session on Friday 29 March at 9.30am.

Course payable in termly blocks.

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