Nick Cope Family Concert

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Adult £10 Children £8


Nick Cope has been writing and recording his beautiful and totally unique songs for children and their families for over 10 years.  He performs with his guitar and animations to sell-out crowds all over the country. He has an incredible fan base from all over the UK which has just grown immeasurably over the last year due to the phenomenal success of his CBeebies show Nick Cope’s Popcast.

If you haven’t heard his songs or seen his shows before come and find out what you’re missing!
You can find Nick on CBeebies on BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

“Nick is a natural entertainer, clearly loves performing for children …. a brilliant show” ***** Edinburgh Reporter

“Nick Cope is one of the few children’s musicians who I think most parents would be happy listening to on a long car journey.…it’s a welcome change.” **** Caroline Black Fest Magazine Edinburgh

“Spending one hour in the company of Nick Cope and his original songs is an hour well spent. Even the shyest of kids will warm to his unpretentious style.” ****  Fest Magazine Edinburgh

“It completely avoids the forced delirium of some other happy-clappy kids shows – the smiles are genuine on both sides of the stage.”  ****Three Weeks Edinburgh  L Clarkson

“Without a doubt, the best songs aimed at kids I have ever come across”

Suitable for all ages. Show running time approx. 60 minutes

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