Aromatherapy for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing – An Introduction

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£35 for 3 hour workshop to include 2 items that you will blend


Do you buy essential oils, and are not sure how to use them to get maximum benefits?
Or are you interested in learning how to use natures plant extracts for yourself, and family?

Aromatherapy has been proven to support physical, emotional and mental health in many ways . For this workshop we will be working with 8 essential oils and the best ways to use them, depending on your needs – for example, for stress and anxiety or for aches and pains.

No previous knowledge or experience needed- this is a fun, interactive workshop exploring 8 essential oils, how to use essential oils safely and appropriately and how to create blends for yourself and your family.

Anne Polet has recently moved to County Durham – her main working background is as a nurse. She discovered aromatherapy in the late 1980s whilst training in holistic massage at Bristol Cancer Help Centre, and was inspired to train with a Belgian doctor of aromatherapy affiliated with the international federation of aromatherapy (IFA) – the governing body in the U.K. for safety and standards. Aromatherapy is a huge passion for Anne, and she loves sharing this through her workshops and therapies. Her aim is to increase your confidence in choosing and using essential oils, to reap their benefits for yourself.

There is a short pre-workshop form to complete, at the link below – this ensures that Anne can work safely with you and the essential oils during the workshop. Please email the completed form back to Anne – email: [email protected]

Greenleaves Pre-Workshop Booking form 20.06.24

Please contact Anne direct with any queries via email: [email protected] or phone 07808726411.

£35 per person to include tea/coffee and 2 items that you will blend yourself during the workshop .

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