Girl In The Machine (13+)

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Placing your hope in humanity is a very dangerous thing.’ ‘
Perhaps it’s a brave thing? Because freedom isn’t digital.’ 

Theatre Space North East are delighted to be reviving their popular and acclaimed production of GIRL IN THE MACHINE by award-winning writer, Stef Smith.

Polly and Owen’s relationship can’t get much better, but when ‘Black Box’ enters their lives promising to break the daily grind, cracks begin to show. As the line between physical and digital rapidly dissipates, and society fractures as the population begins to rebel, Polly and Owen are forced to question whether their definitions of reality and freedom are the same.

In a generation where science fiction is quickly becoming science fact, and developments such as ‘immortality tech’ are being explored practically rather than simply imagined, Theatre Space NE CIC are hoping to offer something of to-the-minute relevance to engage audiences.

Stef Smith’s ground-breaking play Girl In The Machine explores our unease over digital intrusiveness and pushes it a step into the future in this ‘gripping sci-fi in the manner of Black Mirror’ (The Guardian), which returns after a successful regional tour in 2022.

‘…a powerful theatre performance…a tight and disturbing show that is a modern Play for Today,’ – North East Theatre Guide

‘Packs a powerful punch…Award-winning writer Stef Smith at her unexampled best with this veracious dissection of modern relationships in a technology-obsessed world.’  – NARC Magazine

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