Eddie & The Hot Rods: Guardians Of The Legacy

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Eddie and The Hot Rods are a living history of the most dynamic musical and cultural movements to come out of the UK. In 1975 they were there, playing stripped down, no frills R ‘n’ R alongside pre-Clash fan Joe Strummer and his band The 101ers, creating the blueprint for what the world would eventually know as Punk Rock!

It was at a Hot Rods’ show in February 1976 where the opening band, The Sex Pistols, played their first London gig! After experiencing the highs (Top 10 hits, acclaim etc…) and the most brutal of lows (the death of singer, Barrie Masters in 2019), the band understandably have a few things to say.

Guardians Of The Legacy speaks to the band’s rich past musically and lyrically, performed with the youthful energy of a group that has something to prove.

Support Act: Blue Scarrow

This is a standing gig with limited seating. Please email [email protected] if you need a seat for mobility or other reason.

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