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About the Humans… should be no stranger to anyone living in and around Barnard Castle. Though possibly under different names, the band have been a regular entity in the town’s music scene since the 1990’s. A vehicle for singer/songwriter Andrew Yeadon’s songs of philosophy, world issues, love and the esoteric, the band fuse influences from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s such as Neil Young, Pink Floyd and John Martin with influences from modern electronica, world music and much more.

The band features ex Spokes frontman Owain Davies on drums, the uniquely beautiful voice of Moray ‘Mekmekmelekmek’ Nellis, violin virtuoso Paul ‘P-Dog Cunky III’ and the wild creative entity of Rupert Ludlow Philbrick on bass.

In anticipation of its release and for one night only ‘About the Humans…’ will perform their self-titled album in its entirety at the Witham.

Limited unreserved seating available.

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