The Witham Work Placement

The Witham provided Leonie Hertiq with a two week placement in April 2019 in which she gained lots of experience in many aspects of the operations of a multi-genre arts centre.

Leonie wrote the following post during her first week at The Witham:

The first time I visited the Witham was to listen to a Theatre Histrory lecture about ancient Greece. Now I am currently in my third year in “Technical and Production Management” and decided that it might be time dipping my toes in areas which aren’t exclusively theatre related.

What I first noticed about The Witham is how warm it is. Yes, the cafe in sunshine is rather cosy, but I mean more the warm and welcoming attitude everyone showed when I was introduced to the team. Although it is a rather small team, everyone is enthusiastic and dedicated to what they are doing and deeply, deeply care about the people who visit.

The Witham feels like a three dimensional book which unfolds on every page. When you enter from the street, it has two shops with lovely cards, artwork and souvenirs. Then it becomes are sun-flooded cafe with quirky furniture. Go upstairs and you find yourself in a corridor with sliding cupboard doors perfect for playing hide and seek. Downstairs again, just a door away from the bustling cafe it is the calm presence of a theatre, your steps echoing from the floor, the space old and new at the same time.

It might be a small space, but it is just as the its tiny library equivalent next to the staircase. Once you open the door you never know what treasures you will find behind it.

Interested in a work placement at The Witham? Contact us by emailing [email protected] or call us on 01833 631107.