Next Phase of Building Maintenance

Centre Manager Susan Coffer shares an update on the building maintenance work at The Witham:

The maintenance works at the Witham are progressing well and according to plan and we are now ready for the next phase. On Sunday 8 September, scaffolding will be erected to the front of The Witham in order undertake conservation works.

The repair strategy has been developed in line with the Conservation approach recommended by Historic England and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, RICS. A Conservation approach is different to one of renovation, the latter seeks to take a building back to its as new status while one focussed on conservation is seeking to maintain the building in good working order. As well as maintaining good working order, the works aim to retain the buildings fabric and the patina of age, where possible, as these reflect the building’s ‘story’.

The next phase is to conduct repairs to the front masonry of the building. This will include small localised repairs to the pointing between the stone blocks with hydraulic lime mortar and removing corroding metal which is damaging the stonework. When repairs are conducted following the conservation approach there is very little difference in the appearance of the building.

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