Tonya Mitchell – Vision of the Northeast

28 Jun 2022 - 31 Jul 2022

It is an absolute pleasure to be returning to The Witham for a Summer Gallery. I have a new canvas for you to see called ‘Beware Peg Powler’ – more about who she is when you visit the gallery (spoiler alert: the painting is of High Force)

There will be a new selection of cards and prints available along with some small pieces of decorated vintage glass and pottery that will be very affordable. I hope to see you there to talk about the wonderful region of the North East.

Born in Newcastle, Tonya moved to Bishop Auckland as a toddler and has lived in the Bishop Auckland area most of her life. She started painting on an evening, attending oil painting classes in her early teens during the 1970s. Children and career as an English teacher took over and painting became a childhood memory. Taking early retirement, Tonya has picked up a brush again and continues to paint. She signs her pictures as MIT in fond memory of her teaching years as that was her last timetable code. She also emphasises the ‘T’ to make it a cross which symbolises the guiding influence of her faith that she found just before re-entering education.