Witham Dances workshop

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  • Tue 3 Mar 2020 - 4:00 pm


Inspired by balletLORENT’s The Night Ball, Witham Dances celebrates the pleasure of dancing freely alone, closely in couples and as a vibrant group of energised people of varying ages and life experience.

Witham Dances will be a dance theatre piece performed in the round alongside three leading balletLORENT dancers, and we want as wide ranging individuals as possible to join us! Whether 8 or 88 years old or anything in between, we welcome you to join us with your own individual experience and stories of social dancing. We will weave together your dances with ours and put together a short performance to be performed cabaret style at The Witham on 25th June.

No experience necessary – but a desire for adventure and working kindly in a group of people is essential!

Please watch this clip of The Night Ball to give you a taste, although bear in mind that Witham Dances will be a unique new version developed around your individuality. We are looking for up to 20 people to join us from different walks of life and surrounding areas.

We would love you to come and watch the company perform our new production, The Lost Happy Endings, at Darlington Hippodrome, giving you the chance to see on stage some of the dancers who are going to be performing alongside you in this special opportunity to create a new memory for The Witham. There is a discount for you to access £10 tickets for this performance: use the code: WITHAM
when booking for £10 tickets for The Lost Happy Endings at Darlington Hippodrome.

This workshop from 4 pm – 5.45 pm will allow us to meet and have a taster workshop together to see if this experience is a good fit for you.

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