Turrets Youth Theatre Term Fee – SUMMER 2020

Ticket price

£20 per participant


From Wed 29 Apr to Wed 8 Jul 2020

Turret’s Youth Theatre offers your child the chance to participate in a weekly digital drama session.

For both Junior and Senior groups, Laura and Rupert are hosting a weekly workshop via Zoom. This takes place at the usual time on a Wednesday and people who have booked their place receive a reminder/link to the meeting in advance. Each session has a specific theme/focus, whilst working together across the term to create a virtual ‘performance’.

The juniors are exploring creative writing and storytelling – with the idea of creating a short story together that builds from their experiences during lockdown, but building fantastical fiction into the experience – so that it’s v much about breaking away from the boredom of being stuck inside.

The senior group have already started work during the Easter on a project called The Coronavirus Timecapsule, led by London-based youth theatre Company Three. This takes the form of a weekly video, mapping their experiences during lockdown. The group are part of an international network of youth theatre groups (over 50 are now a part, from the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia and more!) and you can keep up to date with what happens via our Facebook Page.

Whilst we are in a fortunate position to be able to contribute some grant funding towards this term, to ensure these monies last as long as possible (and hopefully in time, be spent on what they were originally intended for), we are asking you to make a donation towards our running costs for the term, at a suggested rate of £20/child.

Please note, no child will be excluded from activities if you cannot afford to contribute at this time. This is a really complicated time for everyone, and the most important thing is that if your child wants to be involved, then they do so. Turrets has always offered a full inclusion policy that states finances should never be a barrier to participation. 

This is true now more than ever.

To make a donation, please click the booking link.

Originally established in 1997, Turrets is now the in-house youth theatre company of The Witham community arts centre.

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