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£5, £3 for 16 years and under


Sadly, this event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. We are very sorry for the disappointment caused and plan to work with Mortal Fools in the future to bring more projects of this nature to Barnard Castle.

Relentless is a brand new theatre show created by young people exploring the pressure filled & demand fuelled world we live in.

Mortal Fools Youth Theatre are back with a new show from their trailblazing Ensemble Young Company. They’ll be bringing their expert blend of raw storytelling to show you what it means to be growing up or getting by in a chaotic new decade; fears, wants, hopes & voices laid bare accompanied by a soundtrack worthy of your most-played Spotify top spot.

Get good exam results. Go to the party.
Get a job. And volunteer. Secure work experience. Go to Uni!
Spend time with your family & loved ones. Rid your life of distractions.
Make new friends. Don’t neglect your friends. You’re spending too much time with your friends.

Do your revision. Get your head out the clouds. Do exercise. Save the world.
Follow your dreams. Be realistic. The sky is the limit. But make only sensible decisions.
Get some rest. Get up early. Get enough sleep. You sleep too much.

Learn to switch off, RELAX.
Don’t slack off. Eat, Sleep, Revise, Excel, Repeat.
Say the right thing. Do the right thing. BE the right thing.

Talk more. Talk less. Be loud. Listen up. Filter your life.
Be kind. Be bold. Be courageous. Be cautious. Be better. Be better. Be better.
We are ALL trapped on a non-stop loop of what everybody else thinks we should, could or need to be doing with our lives; it’s RELENTLESS

But we’re realising that it’s OUR life.
We’re DONE with being told.
We’re READY to be heard.

Recommended for 14 years +.

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