Funny Way To Be Comedy – John Kearns: Double Take and Fade Away 14+

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John Kearns returns!  John is the only comedian to have won both the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show and Best Newcomer in the awards history.

Still a slave to dairy, the Gregorian calendar and Greenwich Mean Time, he is flesh and blood after all. A funny man, not for everyone of course, but remember this mustn’t be mistaken as an invite rather a heads up. Based on the theory that the most interesting places on maps are the empty spaces, John has booked a tour, stopping by at some places that look like people share hot water bottles with their landlords. The show implores you to learn lessons from your ceiling and realise Fred Astaire actually knew very well what he was doing. Directed by Olivier winner, Jon Brittain.

An internationally acclaimed live act, he since has delivered his ‘richly, idiosyncratic comedy’ (The Guardian) across the world, notably picking up two Melbourne Barry Award nominations along the way. Off the back of sold out residencies at the Soho Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre and at the Edinburgh Fringe, he toured across the UK for the first time in 2018 with his third solo show, ‘Don’t Worry, They’re Here’, directed by Olivier winning playwright Jon Brittain.

On television John has made numerous water cooler appearances on Cats does Countdown (C4), as an actor was the lead in cult hit Top Coppers(BBC3), went down with the Titanic on Drunk History (Comedy Central), ballsed up a heist in Rotters (Sky Arts) and wrote and performed on the ahead of it’s time Saturday night extravaganza that was Harry Hill’s Stars In Their Eyes (ITV). John also wrote for Harry Hill on HH’s Tea Time (Sky One).

Across the airwaves John performed his own series The John Kearns Show (BBC R4) and has guested on Tim Key Delves into Daniil Kharms and That’s It (BBC R4), as well as hosting and guesting on numerous shows throughout the Edinburgh Fringe (BBC R4/R4 Extra).

A proud Londoner, The Evening Standard voted him in consecutive years as one of London’s Most Influential 1000 People. He attended the parties.

Past Reviews

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“A true comedy original”  ★★★★★  Time Out
“A distant, absurdist cousin of Tony Hancock… one of the oddest and most original comic performers on the Fringe.”  ★★★★  The Daily Telegraph
“Kearns could be your new King of Comedy”  ★★★★★  The Evening Standard

Age guidance: 14+

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