A Way Home

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Unfortunately this event is CANCELLED due to illness of performers. Full refunds will be given.

A Way Home: The fight for a place to belong 
 A play by Christina Castling

‘This house isn’t unfit for habitation. We’re inhabiting it. It’s been habitated for 100 years!’

It’s 1951 and a third of County Durham’s villages have been classified as ‘D’. No longer deemed worthy of investment, they’re expected to die quietly. But they refuse to go without a fight.

A Way Home is a new play rooted in the stories and memories of the people who called those D villages home. A County-wide fight lasting over 25 years becomes a 12-month journey at Bet’s kitchen table as she and her family grapple with what identity, loss and belonging really look like.

With humour, tenderness and not a small amount of grit, A Way Home tells a story just as relevant today as it was 70 years ago. It speaks of fighting to be heard when no one’s listening, of grappling to hold onto the past and of finding a place to belong.

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