​Pellingmans’ Saraband

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£12, £10


  • Sun 29 Sep 2019 - 2:30 pm


Early music specialists, Pellingmans’ Saraband, present a concert of Division-Musick; a vibrant and virtuosic glimpse of music making in England from the time of Shakespeare to the reign of Charles II.

The art of ‘dividing’ upon a ground bass, or playing ‘divisions’, was the Renaissance and Baroque equivalent of our modern jazz tradition.

Skilled musicians, both amateur and professional, would improvise upon a fixed repeated harmonic sequence (the ‘ground’), often with astonishing inventiveness and virtuosity.

‘This is very much the home patch for Pellingmans’ Saraband, and these solos and duos are performed with the heavenly mixture and aplomb and breeziness that is such a trademark of these musicians. The arrangements are intelligent, the playing crisp and inventive and it is difficult not to be swept away by the seductive charm of their sound.’ (Review, The Viol)

Part of The Witham’s Sunday Afternoon recital season – book all three concerts using the code SUNDAY CLASSICS and receive £2 off each ticket!

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