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Welcome to The Witham... by Ian McMillan

The Witham's Autumn programme 2017 is introduced by the wonderful Northern Poet Ian McMillan (thank you so much!) with the following words:

I was lucky enough to perform at The Witham in April of this year with my musician mate Luke Carver Goss; we had a fantastic evening and it stuck me at the time, and it continues to strike me, that The Witham is a perfect example of what an arts centre in a small town can be and what it can strive to become. After all, it’s The Witham, not The Withoutham.

I think that arts centres are fun palaces and places of philosophical enquiry; they’re laughter-rooms and labs of new thinking. They’re places where you can grin from ear to ear and they’re spaces where you can stand for a moment and say ‘Do you know, I never thought of that!’ They’re safe and inviting rooms where coffee and cake can be eaten and drunk and they’re performance areas and galleries that can enhance your day or your evening. They remind us the arts are not just the cherry on the cake: they are the cake itself.

And The Witham is all these things. We’re living in uncertain times when, more than ever, we’re asking ourselves, as a country and as a North, who we are, and arts centres can be part of that enquiry. A place like The Witham can present a town and a region back to itself so that the people of Barnard Castle and beyond become part of the story.

Long may The Witham continue to thrive; visit it regularly, cherish it, challenge it, enjoy it.

And then have some more lovely cake.

I must stop talking about cake.

Ian McMillan      @IMcMillan


The Witham launches Magic of Illustration exhibition, bringing books to life, with characters and drawings by local and nationally celebrated artists and illustrators in the gallery from Thursday 20 July – Saturday 12 August 2017. 

With illustrations from 1970s to the current day, visitors can experience the journey of the illustrator when developing a children’s book, from the initial sketches and story boards to the completed published book. This exhibition will reveal all the hard work and creativity that is required to bring characters to life!

The exhibitions will showcase a range of inspirational works by six illustrators, all living in, or from the North. This includes original works by renowned children’s illustrator, Linda Birch, the illustrator of the much-loved Bagpuss series, as well as creator of the Simon and the Witch, Jackanory and more than 150 other books including Conker, by Warhorse author Michael Morpurgo, which won an award in Children’s Books of the Year, and Who Shot Queen Victoria? by Horrible Histories author Terry Deary.

Also exhibiting is Stuart Trotter, an experienced illustrator, author and designer who has worked on family favourites from classic titles to Disney characters, including Winnie the Pooh, Wallace and Gromit, Noddy, Thomas the Tank Engine, Topsy and Tim, Kipper, Postman Pat, and is now the author and illustrator of Rupert Bear for Egmont’s Rupert Bear Annual.

Also bringing his beautiful contemporary illustrations is Matthew Swan, a painter and cartoonist based in London having studied at Edinburgh College of Art. His comic 'Parsley Girl: Carrots' was nominated for the Young People's Comic Award 2016.

The Witham are delighted to welcome Sharron Bates, a freelance artist and illustrator who lives and works in County Durham. A recent graduate from Cleveland College of Art & Design, Sharron exhibits her work in both Britain and internationally and will be bringing her story boards and illustrations for her book, Where’s Brian? Sharron is also bringing a children’s illustration workshop to The Witham on Wednesday 9th August.

The Magic of Illustration also includes the illustrator, Liz Million, who is from Darlington and famed for her popular books Be Quiet Belinda and Not So Silly Sausage, and will be at Barnard Castle library for an Illustration workshop will be leading story and illustration events at libraries across County Durham next week.

Cumbrian artist Catherine Beaumont is the final illustrator with beautiful watercolours to adds an element of beautiful fantasy to the Magic of Illustration exhibition, inspired by Fairy tales, myths and legends.

Come to enjoy the Magic of Illustration Exhibition from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday (free admission) or call on 01833 631107. You can also email for more information.


 The Summer of Stories menu development workshop with the school council from Green Lane School in Barnard Castle

Thank you to Heather and Rosie for this lovely blog post about today's menu development workshop, inspired by Fairy tales, myths and legends... and do come to the Café to enjoy tasting the dishes that the children dreamed up with their fantastic imaginations! Thank you too to Teesdale Area Action Partnership and the James Knott Trust for your support.

Today Green Lane School Council went to the Witham to do a project for the café. We had to think of lots of ideas for 3 different meals, which included a main course, dessert and a drink, for myths, legends & fairy tales. Firstly, we had to come up with characters or stories that were either fairy tales, myths or legends. Next, we had to get into groups of three and design and name different foods and drink that were related to the three topics. After we had to share our ideas with everybody in the room, we listened to all the great suggestions and names. Then we had to choose one of each of our groups’ ideas for the summer stories’ menu and design it.

At the end, we had some delicious shortbread which the café chefs had made that morning. Finally, we had our picture taken by the Mercury. We all had a lovely time and we would like to say thank you to the staff of the Witham for having us. 

By Heather Brown & Rosie Payne, Year 6, Green Lane School.


Wednesday, 05 July 2017 12:31

Generations connect through stories at The Witham

Written by

Intergenerational workshop inspires all ages through art and stories   

“Were you in the first World War?”  Bill had hardly got his feet under the table and introduced himself before being asked this question.

Bill was one of the senior participants in an Intergenerational project for The Witham’s wonderful Summer of Stories, his questioner one of the junior ones. This exchange took place on Tuesday when seventeen enthusiastic year 4 children from Montalbo School and six residents from the Manor House Care Home got together to share their favourite stories. Facilitated by Gemma McColl, a local artist, the project aimed to bring together groups of children and adults, who may not normally meet and demonstrate that through a mutual interest conversations can flow. Reading or talking about a favourite story was a channel through which both children and adults could share experiences of their lives, find commonalities and build relationships.

The children began the day by drawing portraits of each other, making good use of the artistic guidance that Gemma had given them. When the senior participants in the project arrived the children rushed to get out their chosen books. No matter whether the stories were old favourites or modern tales, the conversations flowed as both children and adults read to each other and talked about the stories they loved.

Having learnt a little more about their sitters, the children took up their brushes to paint portraits, with many of them including elements of the stories discussed in their pictures. The adults rediscovered the joy of creating too, as they used a pencil or paintbrush for the first time in many years. The children ended the day by making frames for their finished portraits which will be proudly displayed in The Witham in August.

The buzz of conversation, the level of engagement of the children and the smiles on the faces of all the participants, both young and old, was a testament to the success of an enjoyable and productive day.

Written by Marilyn Normanton, The Witham Volunteer

Thank you to Marilyn for this blog post following her participation in the workshop at The Witham on Tuesday 4th July. Thank you to Sir James Knott Trust and the Teesdale Area Action Partnership (TAP) for supporting this project, to Gemma McColl from Suitcase Studios for realising our plan with such creativity and spark, to the dream team of volunteers, Marilyn, Marion and Emma, school staff and Manor House and Catherine Howard.

Tuesday, 04 July 2017 13:18

The Witham and the funding challenge

Written by

The Witham didn't make on the Arts Council's National Portfolio for 2018 - 22

I’m really sorry to say The Witham didn’t secure the National Portfolio Organisation Funding that we’d hoped to, as announced on 27th June. We put in a strong bid – the feedback from the Arts Council was very positive in response to how we deliver artistic excellence and engage our audiences. We met all the criteria required and were praised for the work we’ve achieved and our plans for the future.

So why didn’t we get it?

  • The Arts Council highlighted that we’ve never managed a large budget. Caroline rather poignantly pointed out, it’s can be harder to manage a small budget than a large one. That said, we as an organisation are a young arts centre. Compared to other organisations, we have only been going for four years in our current guise and this doesn’t give the Arts Council the proof of longevity they like to know we’re sustainable over longer periods of time. For example, Pocklington Arts Centre were awarded NPO for the first time this year and they started their journey in 2000.
  • We were able to demonstrate diversity in our programming but not as much in our staff or audience compared to other areas. This is a tough one as we can only be as diverse as the population around us and as a rural upland community, this will always be limited.
  • Competition was extremely fierce – not one new combined arts venue in County Durham received NPO funding.  


 So our next steps (after dusting ourselves off) are:

  • Our future viability is dependent on fundraising. NPO would have lifted the pressure to secure our future for four years. Without it, we have sufficient funds for the time being, having securing the Grants for the Arts money which covers much of this year but we need to be constantly continuing to fundraise to still be here in a year, two years, three years time.
  • We are going to raise funds in four ways – work with corporate partners to secure their support, place bids to various organisations to support both project work and capital requirements, increasingly raise awareness with the public of the necessity of supporting The Witham in an ongoing basis and running fundraising events (such as Christmas dos, New Year’s Eve and the Beer and Busk in August) to bring in funds.
  • The staff team will continue to work our socks off, and we will continue too to be stretched to cover the day to day running of the building as well as the programming, strategy, marketing, maintenance and fundraising. We need our volunteers more than ever now not only to help maintain the customer service requirements but also to be ambassadors in the local community to help spread the word about the Witham and about fund raising  requirements.
  • We will work towards the next NPO funding draft in 2022 (the bid will be due in 2021), continuing to work as we have to raise our profile, make new and exciting partnership, keep The Witham pulsing with excellent arts and community activity so we’re ripe for the next NPO funding  opportunity.

Thanks to those who have popped your head round the door to ask about the news and I’m so sorry it’s not better news. The team here have been reeling a little after what has been a very tough few months but we are ready to continue to work hard to make The Witham flourish and, with your help, I have no doubt we can do that.

We are not going to close our doors in the next few months and with hard work and focus, we won’t do so in the next few years but our path unfortunately won’t be as easy as it would have been had we made it on to the Arts Council’s National Portfolio.  

With your help, I know we will continue to thrive – thank you in advance for all you can do to help us.

Many thanks,

Katy Taylor and The Witham team


Entries are now open for New Light Prize Exhibition, one of the largest open exhibitions in the country with great prizes and awards, including the £10,000 Valeria Sykes Award, Emerging Artist Award and Printmakers’ Prize amongst others.

Selected works will be exhibited in the North’s most prestigious venues: the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle; Huddersfield Art Gallery; and Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle. Also, for the first time, all artists will be exhibited at the Bankside Gallery, London.


For artists born, based or who have studied in the North of England.

Deadline 31 July 2017

For more details visit


Twitter @newlightart

Instagram @NewLightArt


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