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The Highlights Craft Tour 2017 - Luminosity training day

Written by  Friday, 15 September 2017 12:07

Highlights Craft Tour 2017 - Luminosity.  

Promoters’ Training Day 

It’s approaching that time of year again, when The Witham will be welcoming the much anticipated Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour for 2017. Entitled “Luminosity”, this year’s exhibition is based around the theme of light and how the seven artists involved manipulate light as a crucial element or medium in their work.

In preparation for the exhibition The Witham staff members, Sarah and Halle, and volunteer, Marilyn, attended a Promoters Training Day to learn more.

After a pleasantly scenic journey across the tops to Shap, The Withamites joined a mixed group of staff and volunteers from other organisations, to be welcomed by Highlights Craft Tour officer Karen Babayan. One of the artists featuring in the tour, glass engraver Heather Gillespie, was also present and had brought along an exquisite vase, Zostera.  An indication of the quality of Heather’s work is that it is sold in shops such as Harrods and Liberty. Karen has the unenviable job of transporting Heather’s precious vase from place to place and we were very careful to view it from a respectful - and safe - distance. After all this was a vase with a name!

Karen began by giving an overview of the exhibition and the artists and craftspeople involved.  These include five exhibitors who are based in the North of England and two International artists, Statira Jazayeri from Sweden and Evagelia Hagikalfa from Greece. The ‘homegrown’ artists are Heather, Stuart Langley, Jason Taylor, Jan Hopkins and Sandra Balmer. Their work is very diverse and includes sculptural textiles, film and projection, glass, electronics and neon installations. The examples Karen showed on screen indicated that this will be a very special event of a kind we don’t often see in Teesdale and certainly whetted the appetite of all present.

It was interesting too, to hear the stories behind some of the works. There is the artist inspired by DH Lawrence’s Women in Love, and another who references genetics in her work, almost as an homage to her father and his interest in rabbit breeding. As Heather was present, she was able to describe the influences behind her own work which are largely marine based, such as the lovely seagrass-inspired engraving on her vase. Zostera, by the way, is a Japanese seagrass.

Heather went on to talk about her path as an artist and her year in the Czech Republic learning the ancient art of copper wheel glass engraving. Although this was no longer taught in the UK, thanks to Heather there are now a number of people practising this demanding craft.

Then came the hands on part of the day, as everyone was given the chance to try glass sandblasting. Following Heather’s instructions we tried to channel our inner artist by cutting a design on sticky plastic wrapped around a small glass. This was then sandblasted in Heather’s portable machine and judging by the smiles everyone enjoyed the activity and the results.

Following a delicious lunch - with many thanks to those responsible – the nitty-gritty of hosting the exhibition was mapped out, with considerations from risk-assessment, to selling work, the associated education programme and workshops being discussed. Thoroughly briefed and looking forward to seeing the exhibition in the flesh, the day ended as we left an anxious-looking Karen carefully re-packing Zostera in reams of bubble wrap and polystyrene.

At some point during the day, everyone had the opportunity to cross the road to The Old Courthouse, Shap’s own community arts building. An unloved building due to be demolished to make way for housing, it was saved by community action and brought back into use as a multi-purpose space. After a lot of hard work it now houses a library with computers, a gallery area and meeting spaces and is a facility the community can be proud of.

As Karen explained in her introduction, Highlights rural touring scheme aims to promote professional events in rural places, so that people living outside the main centres have access to high-quality arts experiences. And why shouldn’t we? Running from the 14th of October until the 4th of November, “Luminosity” certainly promises to be an outstanding exhibition and we in Teesdale are very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Spread the word and we’ll see you there...

Thank you to volunteer Marilyn Normanton for this blog post about the day!

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