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Happy Times at The Witham by Harriet Sams

Written by  Wednesday, 16 August 2017 16:51


A good friend of mine messaged me and said, the Peatbog Faeries are playing in your neck of the woods at some place called The Witham, want to come with me?

Being from the neighbouring area, it seems like I’ve known about the Witham for a long time. It’s a bit like KitKats, I don’t recall a time that I ever didn’t know about KitKats. They’ve just always been there. Of course, I actually only moved here two and half years ago so there was obviously a time BW. What I’m trying to say is The Witham is one of those venues that just fits so beautifully into life. You want to entertain the kids in the half term? The Witham’ll be doing something. You fancy a bit of theatre? I bet you the Witham will have something on. Or how about a bit of classical music, folk, comedy? Yep, they have it.

The Peatbog Faeries are one of those groups that I’ve always been meaning to go and see, but just hadn’t got round to. So this seemed ideal. And it was. The tickets arrived and we opened them together (because, even though they’d come to my house the letter was in Annie’s name and it’s really not the done thing to open other people’s post, even when I know it’s actually for me. What if it hadn’t been? Oh, the ethical terror.) and it said, rather enigmatically standing ticket. What does that mean? The Witham always has seats, fold-away seats! Being a Peatbog Faerie novice I had no idea that it was impossible to actually sit through a concert. 

In we went to the main hall of the Witham. A place I know well. Here I’ve seen comedy shows, Shakespeare, Alan Bennet, folk music, and the children have been entertained by a magical cleaner. This time it was bare, seatless like a real concert! Ticket holders clung to the edges, unsure of this new, expansive emptiness, yet we saw familiar faces right at the front and so we joined them. And I’m so very glad we did. The concert (for anyone like me, who knew nothing of these boggy Faeries) was folksy, rocky, trancey, dancey. From the first bar to the very last I simply could not stay still. I danced and got sweaty, allowing myself to be carried far away into the land where faeries really do come from peatbogs, and that far from being dead, dour places, peatbogs are filled with cavorting magical creatures that occasionally take human form and come into respectable venues to ensnare hapless wristband wearing humans.


As we left I saw smiling faces all around, I saw that the Witham had played host once again to a very special moment in our rural lives. It is a portal, is this place. It can invite and hold and ensnare and bear witness to quite magical things. It is a place to be glad of and a place to trust with one’s soul, if even for a short snippet of time, as you leave sensibility at the foyer bar and enter into the Room, never to leave the same.

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