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Ian McMillan introduces The Witham's Autumn programme

Written by  Friday, 11 August 2017 13:31

Welcome to The Witham... by Ian McMillan

The Witham's Autumn programme 2017 is introduced by the wonderful Northern Poet Ian McMillan (thank you so much!) with the following words:

I was lucky enough to perform at The Witham in April of this year with my musician mate Luke Carver Goss; we had a fantastic evening and it stuck me at the time, and it continues to strike me, that The Witham is a perfect example of what an arts centre in a small town can be and what it can strive to become. After all, it’s The Witham, not The Withoutham.

I think that arts centres are fun palaces and places of philosophical enquiry; they’re laughter-rooms and labs of new thinking. They’re places where you can grin from ear to ear and they’re spaces where you can stand for a moment and say ‘Do you know, I never thought of that!’ They’re safe and inviting rooms where coffee and cake can be eaten and drunk and they’re performance areas and galleries that can enhance your day or your evening. They remind us the arts are not just the cherry on the cake: they are the cake itself.

And The Witham is all these things. We’re living in uncertain times when, more than ever, we’re asking ourselves, as a country and as a North, who we are, and arts centres can be part of that enquiry. A place like The Witham can present a town and a region back to itself so that the people of Barnard Castle and beyond become part of the story.

Long may The Witham continue to thrive; visit it regularly, cherish it, challenge it, enjoy it.

And then have some more lovely cake.

I must stop talking about cake.

Ian McMillan      @IMcMillan


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